“Prospective clients may not obtain the same or similar results”

Earl Mallory has been our one and only attorney for fifteen years and always delivers a highly personalized professional service while being extremely prompt and responsive. Earl is a brilliant attorney with superb analytical skills who is well seasoned, knowledgeable and passionate about his work. An incredibly astute, competent, resourceful attorney, he offers exemplary strategic and tactical advice and counsel. Relentless in support of his clients, Earl is a tireless worker who goes in fully prepared and is direct and tenacious while exhibiting incredibly strong litigation skills. A diplomatic and persuasive negotiator, depending on the situation, Earl can be very hard-nosed and aggressive and will have opposing counsel shaking in their shoes when necessary. Achieving victories in every spectrum of the law, he is definitely the attorney a person needs in a challenging, high-pressure situation. Earl has many clients with large and small cases, but he provides a level of service that makes each client feel as if they are his one and only, working on both small and large cases with the strongest level of motivation. Earl is the first attorney that my husband and I both trust 100 percent. We could not give him a higher recommendation and he is the ONLY attorney we will use in the future.
EKM represented us in an intellectual property litigation case. What impressed me the most is the relentless perseverance, which EKM showed in the pursuit of protecting our interest. The courage, which he shows in his convictions, is his driving force; a man of character, integrity and dedication.
As a lawyer and attorney, EKM was able to define and defend the legal principles underpinning our case. As a practical man, he recognized and articulated the difficulties that must be overcome to prevail.
He is passionate about helping people to navigate the legal maize, and his kindness provides guidance and reassurance.
If you could benefit from an infusion of focus, tenacity and experience in litigation, I urge you to meet Earl Kenneth Mallory. You, too, will be impressed.
Stefan, an Intellectual Property client
We were referred to Earl Mallory by several satisfied families who had previously used him for adoptions. Our experience could not have been better. Earl answered all of our questions and provided a thorough explanation of what to expect during the adoption process. When a child became available for adoption, Earl was by our side the entire time. Not only was the experience extremely positive, but it came at a fraction of the cost that most adoption lawyers charge.
Private Individual
Earl has done an outstanding job advising my brother and I on how to protect our business. He helped us with Buy sell agreements, lease agreements and so much more. Earl is great to work with, and very knowledgeable, and always accessible. I highly recommend him.
George, a Business client
Earl Mallory is very professional
he gave me good advices and took care of my case
the result was in my favor much over than I expected
I feel lucky someone recommended him to me because
I am a Canadian resident and did not know any lawyer in Florida
a Lawsuits & Disputes client
Earl is a no nonsense guy with an aggressive litigating style. When he is on your side, you better be ready to go for the jugular!
He represented me in a complicated, multi-state trust dispute which dragged on for almost 3 years. Throughout the suit, he kept me motivated to pursue the just end to the dispute, and demonstrated keen strategic vision as the legal issues crossed state lines. Earl knows the law, knows your rights under the law, and represents his clients with fiery passion. I would recommend Earl to anyone seeking representation in the courts. He won’t disappoint you!
a Trusts client
Earl helped me with a potential problem related to a non-compete agreement and my employment. He responded quickly and professionally. I followed his advice and feel confident that my issue is resolved
Alicia, an Employment client
I have known Mr. Mallory for over 10 years and have found him to be a man of integrity. Earl Mallory cares about people. He works hard on his job and hard on personal growth while off the job. He is an excellent husband and father and a man of integrity through and through. I wouldn’t use anyone else for my legal needs. I trust Earl and know he has my best interest at heart. He also is well studied. He knows the law and is a respected man in the community. He’s the best!
Cheryl, an Adoption client
When I told a friend of mine that I was looking for a good lawyer, she could not say the name, Earl Mallory, fast enough. Since she was very critical of people in general, I was impressed that she thought so highly of Mr. Mallory. I called his office and was put through directly to Mr. Mallory and was able to set up my first appointment within the next few days. My case was handled with the integrity that I needed and was settled very quickly. His office staff was also very kind and helpful as well. If you are looking for an efficient , knowledgeable lawyer, call Earl Mallory. You will be glad you did.
Sandi, a Divorce client